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The company encourages entrepreneurial skills thus, enabling and empowering employees to take appropriate risks. Employee’s participation is encouraged by inviting suggestions & opinions.

Honest, hardworking, humble people have been the foundation of our success for over long. We take pride in hiring the very best in the business - and in helping each and every employee to build a long and satisfying career.

Today Travelia Holidays Pvt. Ltd. is growing at a rapid pace. This growth necessitates greater investment in talent. If you have the passion to excel in your career, we provide you the right platform to translate your imaginations to reality.

At Travelia Holidays Pvt. Ltd.  We look for lateral thinkers who can add value to our business and processes; have an excellent teamwork ethic, and are driven to take our organization and their own careers to new heights.

The hospitality industry relies heavily upon its staff to deliver quality service at all times. With our service reputation on the line, we need hospitality and leisure workforce management team that can help to deliver quality service where it's needed, when it's needed.

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