Travelia holidays is a leader.... specialized in business travel arrangements, Individual travel arrangements also in foreign independent tours. Travelia is dedicated to helping companies of all sizes, as well as government institutions and non-governmental organizations, optimize their travel programs and provide best-in-class service and assistance to travelers. 

We’re committed to offer competitive value for money products and high level services in order to achieve total client satisfaction. We want to meet and exceed all business clients’ goals and objectives.

By leveraging the talents and know-how of its people around the world and providing leading-edge technology and innovative solutions, Travelia enables clients across the globe to drive savings while delivering service and enhancing security and sustainability. 


  • Holidays

  • Corporate Travel Management

  • Leisure Travel

  • Meetings and events management

  • Conferences

  • Travel procurement

  • Providing strategic know-how and a host of services and technology in the travel investment

  • Consultancy – adding value with you

  • Interim management – doing it with you

A diverse client portfolio of large corporations, small and mid-sized companies, government institutions and non-governmental organizations. Client includes more than 50 companies across India.

The Travelia Holidays offers a range of services… 

  • Consultancy – adding value with you 

  • Interim management – doing it with you 


We are completely independent of the supply chain so that we can provide you with totally unbiased advice, free from any conflict of interest. 

We do, of course, have excellent knowledge of the Travel and Tourism so that we can identify the most appropriate solutions for you. We maintain contacts at a very senior level so that we can leverage the best possible outcome for you. 

We guarantee to act solely in your best interest. 

Our approach is simple…we provide you with quality, tailored, and measurable solutions. 

No hard sell…no jargon. 

Travelia is your perfect partner for Travel purchasing and Management. 

Tie up with our company!

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